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We need to work toward our dreams – for all learners with determination!

I have been thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during this last week.  As I read more I was reminded that he did not say, “I have a strategic plan.”  Instead:  He shouted, “I have a DREAM!” and he created a movement.

Today we need to be willing to formulate dreams.  We need to work toward those dreams with determination!

We need to imagine a world anew!

This is true in education.  We need to imagine an educational system that successfully serves each learner.  Unchallenged learners, dropouts, and apathetic learners who feel caught in a downward spiral of poor grades: These are part of the current situation in our schools.  We need to imagine engaged students, students that successfully graduate, and learners who ‘want to’ and can meet reasonable learning expectations.

We need to imagine these and other positive outcomes and then we need to do our part as educators to make this positive picture become a reality.

We need to create a dream that all learners will learn and we need to work with others to make this dream and the work behind it widespread. 




A week of reflection

Wanting Saturday to not have happen for anyone of the victims.

Wanting no lives to have been lost.

Wanting mankind to evolve away from violence and destruction.

Wanting the recoveries to continue to progress.

Wanting a bright future for each victum.

Wanting comfort for the families.

Wanting civility.

Wanting peace.


Gabrielle Giffords