Have you thought about the power of positive dreams?

How do we deal without differences given our propensity for conflict?

Could it be that the secret to peace is us?

Might we we willing to ‘hide the poison arrows’?

Might the third side of a conflict be the one that could be the most likely side to bring the other two sides into productive interaction?

When we are engaged in conflict and find ourselves talking with a person with a point of view directly different from ours – might we want to take their criticism as a sign of willingness to speak candidly with you and a willingness to engage in the difficult discussions that are to unfold?

How might we sow understanding, appreciation and potentially love with those that we have disagreement?

Have you ever received hospitality form someone who did not know you?  Maybe even from someone you thought my find fault with you?

How might learning about others help to working better together?

Think about this question: If you had been in the ruins of London, England in 1945, just after WW2 and you had said: ‘This is going to be the most peaceful, prosperous part of the planet.’  Do you think the people listening in 1945 would have thought you were crazy?

Have you thought about the power of positive dreams?

Have you considered how important your frame is as you meet the world?

Do you appreciate what is while dreaming about what could be and begin the journey (work) of making the dream a reality?

Do you approach conflict as potentially be something that can be resolved – not that resolution would be easy, but possible?

Please watch this 19 minute TED Talk by Harvard Professor, William Ury and author of The Third Side. All of the questions above were formed form my reactions to Ury’s material in this TED Talk.


One thought on “Have you thought about the power of positive dreams?

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