Yes, This Will Disrupt the Status Quo.

When we talk about wanting more JOBS, we are talking about the need for dramatic changes in the State of Education in our Nation.  We need to raise the levels of achievement for all young people.  The jobs this economy will support will require young people with skills.  This is unavoidable!

Economic disparities and race are closely aligned issues in America.   Sunday Weekend Edition host, Audie Cornish, talks with Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer, who recently won a MacArthur genius grant for his research on the subject.

Professor Fryer speaks the truth.  Politically, it is not comfortable.  But, if we want all our students to gain a quality education, we have to make be changes in how we, as a country, look at schooling.  The issue is more than access to schools for all.  We must decide to create quality educational experiences for all!

Yes, this will disrupt the status quo.  Yes, this will mean that the privilege of a good education will not be connected to wealth.  Yes, this means that we will have to acknowledge the racial divide the exits in educational outcomes as a problem we as a country own and will change. Yes, this means that outcomes matter.

Each child is worth society presenting them with a quality education!

This is a six-minute listen.  I think it is worth your time.  The Roland Fryer interview.


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