It depends on us . . . are we ready to transform our educational focus?


“The merger of globalization and the IT revolution can make us (the U. S.) either better off or worse off – richer or poorer’  It depends on us – on how well we understand this new world that we invited and how effectively we respond to it.” This is the way Friendman and Mandelbaum frame our situation in their book: That Used To Be Us (2011) page 57

In today’s world there “millions of free or dirt-cheap interactions and collaborations happening in places and among people who were not connected just five years ago.” page 59

Today’s American students will be part of a global economy that is hard to imagine – if it is even imaginable. We as parents, educators and citizens have to ask ourselves how we can make schooling and education more relevant to the needs of the future?

I think today’s and certainly tomorrow’s students need to be thinkers, and they will need to be good at thinking with others. Their abilities as collaborators and problems solvers will be important.  And all our students will need to be skilled and comfortable with evolving as users of technologies as they are developed.

Yes, they will also need to read, write, be mathematically astute, be scientifically secure and be self assured.

These are ‘tall’ challenges and our children are worth us meeting them!!!!!!


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