Unconscious Incompetence ~ Conscious Incompetence ~ Conscious Competence ~ Unconscious Competence


Unconscious Incompetence ~ is when you don’t know that you can’t do it well.

Conscious Incompetence ~ is when you know you can’t do it well.

Conscious Competence ~ is when you do it well, and you think about the work as you do it.

Unconscious Competence ~ is when you’re so successful it’s ‘automatic’ – you do it well without thinking about it.

– Above is the Donald L. Kirkland Model

There are four states of consciousness and competence that you and I may pass through as we learn. Follow the link to learn more.


Think about how you have been learning to use technology, cook, live within a budget, garden, etc. and try to apply these four states of consciousness to you as a learner.


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