Responsibilities and Belief Systems of Teacher Leaders – But They Could Be the Leaders of Change Anywhere!


~ The source for the information on this page is: Rossman, G. B., Rallis, S. F., Phlegar, J. M., & Abeille, A. Dynamic Teachers: Leaders of Change, Corwin Press 1995

                     ~    The “moral steward,” who acts on the belief that the purpose of education is to ensure each                  child’s right to reach his or her full potential

                     ~    The “constructor,” who makes sense of the subjects taught, the craft of teaching, and the development of children

                     ~    The “philosopher,” who uses professional commitment to shape the experience of schooling for children   

                     ~    The “facilitator,” who enacts the learner-centered classroom, where children integrate their own knowledge construction with that of their peers

                     ~    The “inquirer.” Who asks critical questions about what students should learn and have learned

                     ~    The “bridger,” who blurs the boundaries between the classroom and the community

                     ~    The “changemaker,” who advocates for constructive change



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